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These units are first on the list to get the Army’s new Sig Sauer handgun

The first batch of the Army’s new handguns will hit three units starting next month.

Brig. Gen. Brian Cummings, of PEO Soldier, said in a recent announcement that 2,000 of the M17 handguns will be delivered in November to soldiers in the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

The M17, a 9 mm handgun made by Sig Sauer, replaces the M9 Beretta, which has served as the Army’s sidearm for more than 30 years.

After the handguns are fielded to the 101st Airborne soldiers, they will next be delivered to soldiers in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood, Texas, and one of the new Security Force Assistance Brigades. Those soldiers are expected to receive the M17 by the end of the year, Cummings said.
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