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The list is large and varied I suppose it would have to be my pair of Nazi pistols, browning Hi-power and black luger they were in fantastic shape, but someone said the majic word(trade) and he was holding a US&S 45.

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Too may to count.

pre safety mdl 94
Ruger Redhawk 44 mag
mdl 36 S&W
Rem Rand 45
DW 357
Savage 99 250-3000 (made in 49)
S&W mdl 13
Marlin 336 35 Rem
several S&W mdl 10's
Arg/Colt 45
H&K hk4 conversion w/380,32, & 22

probably more but that's all i can remember now

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Marlin Model 55 Bolt action 12 ga Goose Gun w/ 36" barrel
8mm Mauser (Pawn shop buy when I was 17. My mom had to come by and sign for it. The guy gave me 20 APR's with it.)

Actually the only gun that I don't regret getting rid of was
a Marlin-Glenfield 22 auto. It would jam an average of every 3-5 shots. I was 8-9 years old and my dad gave it to me and another just like it to my brother at the same time and his was exactly the same way.

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winchester pr64 220 swift.
Colt Tactical Elite ar-15
Freedom Arms 454 casull
Browning sako actioned 7mag
Rem 700 sendaro in 300win mag. It was the most accurate non custom rifle i have ever had and i traded it like a moron.

i am sure there are a few more i regret if i think about it.

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Weatherby 300 & 257
browning A5
Jap matching sniper
red nine broom handle
astra 900
winchester double
colt 45 1911A1
remington rand 45
US&S 45
ithica 45
winchester 1917 enfield
winchester carbine
trapdoor carbine
30/40 krag
rolling block 43 spanish
too many mausers to list

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Dang...reading this list of trade aways is depressing

Somebody must have needed a kidney or something to trade a Rem 700 sendaro in 300 Win...or any Colt 1911's

A model 29 S&W Dirty Harry I'm gonna make your day and smoke your a$$?...say it aint so

I need a drink now

Ya'll hollar at ole neck whenever ya'll wanna trade or sell...my pm box is waiting

man o man...

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i can't really think of one. If i got rid of it, it was b/c it didn't hold serious value to me at all and i've swapped a bunch. If i were to choose a couple though they would be 2 Rem 700's. a .308 and .300 WMag. I haven't lost sleep over them though.
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