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This Is All I Saw

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This is all I saw while hunting yesterday on my birthday, trying to hunt deer, hog or coyote.

Rifle season closed four fourteen days and will open back up in mid December. Only been a total of 1 1/2 days. Not been able to hunt much this year. Hope that changes for the second half of the season. I hope you enjoy the view from my ground blind.

Here is my wonderful comfortable chair and my AR as I began to set things up.

Now a the view I have around my blind.

Where I leave my 4 wheeler
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Xd357 said:
Man I hate you haven't see anything. You don't have a
"muzzle loader"?? You could have a tc in 358 win.
When muzzle loading was no longer real muzzle loading I quit and use that time for other things now and hunt hard the last rifle season.
Hrdnox said:
Nice views, but is there any sign down there? Rubs, scrapes, crap, or whatever? Sorry your B'day was a bust, but I think you need to set aside a little time to do a little homework/scouting and such. Those woods look like all the other thousands of acres of bottom land in MS. Plenty of deer around, but they're still a little localized, that is unless you're hunting dogs.:) Hope things improve in a couple of weeks.
There is fresh sign and also some hog and dog sign. My luck might break in the second season. :)
Shooter said:
"This is all I saw while hunting yesterday on my birthday" Ain't it grand! Great place to reflect on how truely blessed we are to live where we do.
AMEN!!! very well said :thumbup:
Hrdnox said:
I hope so Bud! Hang in there and things'll get better.:)

Those are some pretty woods you're hunting, though. Reminds me of some Woody hunting my Dad and I used to do. He's been gone a long time, but I'm hoping he's got some woods like that scoped out in Heaven.:)
I am glad the pictures brought back some good memories for you. Yes, they are pretty woods.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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