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this is my rifle... there are many like it... but this one is mine..

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My favorite.... I'm better with my AR, but this one gives me the most joy.

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hubcap said:
nice rifle. what are the bases and rings on it?
Arms#18 with Arms rings and Trijicon 2.5x10x56
If you have a Socom, you need to quit bs'ing and drop it in a Sage EBR chassis. That was the direction I was going with this one until I found out that national match profile barrels and Sage EBR's were a no-go... so I went with a $40 USGI glass stock. Still have some work to do on the stock, but I'm probably done with the build for now.

Thanks for the compliments fellas. I love this rifle.
Gratuitous pic of the ladies... One will be for sale soon :( Most likely the National Match rifle with USGI parts on the right.

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1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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