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Thoughts on browning pistol

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I’ve been thinking about buying on bc if there shotgun are really good what about there handguns?
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If I not wrong(and could very well be) I believe the CZ is based off the Hi-power double action. There are several clones that have been made off them thru the years. I wish I had bought one years ago.
That would be difficult, as the Browning Hi-Power BDA (Browning Double Action) was developed in the early 1980's by FN, and the CZ75 first came to light in the mid 1970's (1975?). There was a BDA in three calibers, 9mm, 38 Super, and 45 ACP, but they were Sig Sauer P220's rebranded, and the weren't on the scene until 1977. There was also the BDA 380, but that was a Beretta.

It's safe to say that the CZ is very different, internally and externally, from the Browning Hi Power (single action). All historic indications are that František Koucký designed the CZ as he wanted it to be, and used some Browning (and Saive) earlier innovations, but no more than most other double stack (and many single stack) pistols that came after the Hi Power.

Nor was the Hi Power intended to be an "upgrade" of the 1911. That's a whole 'nother internet legend with no basis in fact.

Interesting comparison between the HP and the CZ, by HP guru Stephen Camp;

hi-powers--handguns: Browning Hi Power & CZ-75: Are They Related?

For the OP, which "Browning" handgun are you considering? I use quotation marks because Browning Arms Company never manufactured anything except advertisements. :)

I traded into my first HP when I was 15 years old, a tangent sight T-Series, and I still have it, along with a few others. ;)
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