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Thoughts on Porting

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I just wanted to get some fellow thoughts on getting a gun "Ported". Honestly for us Glock Owners, does this really seem like something that should be considered? I’ve been a Glock Owner for almost 2 years (sadly I’ve NEVER shot it!) and I’m looking forward to getting gin some range time this year. Now that I’m married and a home owner looks like I will be around for a while.

Judging by the article here “Porting” the gun seems to help with “rise” that the Glocks are evidently known for (I did not know this). Do any of you have your Glock or Pistol ported”

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porting will help reduce muzzle rise or recoil BUT at a cost.
like jbpmidas said they are loud. Also if you plan to use your glock as a home defense/ daily carry you probably wouldnt want it ported because in low light/dark conditions the muzzleflash will impair your vision. There is a pic somewhere on here of a glock fired at dark that is ported and it looks like it breathing fire our the top of the slide. Cool pic but bet the shooter cant see sqat for a few minutes.

Most handgun porting is for comp guns to allow them to get back on target as fast as possible, porting keeps muzzlejump down allowing quicker target acquisition. In comps they have hearing protection on so the increased noise is not a concern.

I think Beladran has a ported caspian and may be able to offer additional information or rebuttal on the ported pistols noise, as i have no ported handguns i am not sure of the noise increase.
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