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Thoughts on Porting

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I just wanted to get some fellow thoughts on getting a gun "Ported". Honestly for us Glock Owners, does this really seem like something that should be considered? I’ve been a Glock Owner for almost 2 years (sadly I’ve NEVER shot it!) and I’m looking forward to getting gin some range time this year. Now that I’m married and a home owner looks like I will be around for a while.

Judging by the article here “Porting” the gun seems to help with “rise” that the Glocks are evidently known for (I did not know this). Do any of you have your Glock or Pistol ported”

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DBChaffin said:
I would vote "no" for the reasons mentioned above on a self-defense gun, along with the fact that if there was a struggle for the gun and it needed to be fired from a "guard" or "retention" position near the body, you could end up with burns or worse if it spits bits of the jacket. Muzzle rise with a Glock isn't bad, especially considering their relatively light weight. Just get some practice time in regularly and you will be good to go in my opinion.

If you are interested in a match, even if it is just to watch or ask some questions, there is one this Sunday morning in Byram. More info is available here: www.teammagnolia.com or shoot me a PM. If the weather is nice (and I believe it is supposed to be), there should be a really good turnout with a wide variety of guns. A few will be in "Open" division and run compensators and some of those may be ported as well, but most of the competitors will be in one of other divisions that does not allow either.
That's the best reason not to that I have read, and I agree wholeheartedly
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