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Thoughts on Porting

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I just wanted to get some fellow thoughts on getting a gun "Ported". Honestly for us Glock Owners, does this really seem like something that should be considered? I’ve been a Glock Owner for almost 2 years (sadly I’ve NEVER shot it!) and I’m looking forward to getting gin some range time this year. Now that I’m married and a home owner looks like I will be around for a while.

Judging by the article here “Porting” the gun seems to help with “rise” that the Glocks are evidently known for (I did not know this). Do any of you have your Glock or Pistol ported”

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and those are little snubbies to.. these guys will be getting some business from me
Picture is from EFKFireDragon.com This honestly does not look very appealing; Am I the only one who thinks an extended barrel is ugly? I know it's not about looks, but geez.. It just seems a little much.
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ported fire dragon barrels are th bomb... dont knock um till you shoot one
I admit, the more I look at it the more it grows on me; also with a little help of youtube videos proving this barrel's worth. I've also found out exactly why Glock Store has a freaking wish list! Thank goodness Christmas is coming up! :awesome:
I just thought I should add since you mentioned getting into competition in another thread that you should consider looking into the competitions available or that you are interested in trying first before making a lot of modifications or purchases. Many modifications/parts will limit or otherwise affect the division or competitions in which you can compete. Not trying to dissuade you but wanted you to be aware before you showed up at a match.
Gotcha.. Yea I'm not making any mods until I try out "classification" match ( I think that's the one you find out what level you're going to compete on). It's going to be a slow go for me at first, that's for sure.
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