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Thoughts on the 6.8 AR

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I would like some thoughts on the 6.8 AR. Anybody own one? Like it? Drawbacks?
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nhstk02 said:
My daddy has got a Stag 6.8, but we hanen't even fired it yet. The ballistics seem good though. Also, basically .270 bullet. Every .270 rifle I have ever shot would group well. I know the 6.8 is no .270 but the bullets are close to the same.
Its the same Diameter boolit. I ordered a bunch of the Hornady Match 110 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail to plink with in my .270. They shoot very good.
Something to make a light load with and blast away.
The new chamber design for the 6.8 has helped alot, i cant remember where i read it at but a guy did alot of work on a 6.8 after it came out and was able to get 3000fps out of a 16" barrel and accuracy was amazing. Ill find it and post it up.
"reamed to the .100 freebore dimensions of the SPC II chamber"

Some guys just posted up to argue that they dont like the 6.8 so just skip those post.. good read by the way.


He loaded some 150gr rounds that were perfect for subsonic use.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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