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Thoughts on the 6.8 AR

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I would like some thoughts on the 6.8 AR. Anybody own one? Like it? Drawbacks?
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Have you guys seen the 6.8 forums web site? It's http://www.68forums.com/forums. There's a ton of info on that site. I learned enough reading the site for a few months that I was able to buy the parts and build my own (first) AR. Actually the upper was complete when I bought it, but I took it apart later to change the handguard, flash suppressor and gas block.

Anyway, you asked about the performance of the gun. I'm still working my handloads up for max velocity -- but I'm already getting 1 MOA or better at 50 yards. (Trying to get the Speer 90-gr TNT up to 2950 MV). I'm not an accuracy freak (minute of deer is OK by me) so I don't do neck turning or any of that intense brass prep. Also I haven't even started experimenting with bullet seating depth. And I'm using a chrome lined barrel, which they say are generally not as accurate as others. So I think with some work on these handloads, I should be able to get well under MOA performance out of it.

My understanding is that the Grendel outperforms the 6.8 at longer distances, but the 6.8 outperforms Grendel at closer ranges (i.e. out to about 250 yards) but don't quote me on that. I thought about the Grendel but I don't shoot at 250-300 yards anyway, and I can stuff more rounds in the mag with 6.8. Also, the 6.8 performs great out of a 16-inch barrel. You can buy 18 or 20-inchers, but generally speaking they only give about 50-80 fps more MV, depending on the load of course. I stalk the woods a lot during deer season, and I like my 16-inch barrel with no flash suppressor. Makes for a nice, compact, lightweight rifle.

I'm planning to bring my 6.8 to the Meet & Greet so come on by and shoot it if you like. Hope this info helps.
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