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Tim Thompson built Borden 25-06 AI

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stopped by Tim's for some work on my 1911 and left with this.


borden action, krieger barrel, jewell trigger, Robertson Composite. Ferrell Base
25-06 AI

cant wait to take it out this weekend. will start fireforming if i can get some rounds loaded up.
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Bill's gun- built it and his dad just doesnt shoot it-
bill's name on the barrel. had 40 rounds down the tube.
i am really looking forward to streatching it out. Hope to get my stuff set up to load tommorrow night so i can fire form this weekend. Will be fire forming with 100gr bt.

had to steal the scope off my 300 win mag for this one. Guess im going to put the bushnell 6500 on the 300win mag for deer season.
i am very happy with it. I think i will probably end up selling a couple of my colts to help fund it. Be looking in the classifieds....
Xd357 said:
Nice real nice. F-class gun??
would be if there were any F-class matches near Marks MS. Tim was telling me about some matches in Memphis that i may try and check out after hunting season passes. If that ends up happening i would proably have a second barrel for it done in 6dasher.
few more pics- loaded up a few rounds to fireform on sat. Cant wait. dang camera battery quit before i could get any more than 2 pics.

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fireforming is going good,

The fireforming groups are pretty tight. they will start shirinking more once i load in the AI and velocity gets to 3500fps. here is 5 shot from yesterday,

shooting 100gr bt 3250 fps (reduced load given a good formed AI case) 41gr imr 4064 at 3.230 oal.

my AI dies should be in today or tommorrow so i will finish fireforming cases today, and start sorting brass and loading some tommorrow. hope to put a few AI rounds through it Sat but have a wedding to attend that may not allow it.
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