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Tip leads to drug, gun bust in south Jackson

Discussion in 'Press Talk' started by NRA_guy, Dec 6, 2017 at 8:07 AM.

  1. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    Anybody see anything they are missing (guns, not drugs):

    Tip leads to drug, gun bust in south Jackson


  2. SubGunFan

    SubGunFan Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    None are the ones they stole from me.

    Oh well, the wait continues.....

  3. Caleb C

    Caleb C Distinguished Poster

    Lake, MS
  4. steve2112

    steve2112 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I had the same reaction. :(
  5. TwangBanger

    TwangBanger Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

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  6. Canman

    Canman Distinguished Poster

    Here’s a tip. Keep looking in the surrounding area and you’ll find more!
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  7. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    Question: Do the law enforcement officials check serial numbers to see if they match guns that have been reported stolen?

    If so, does their data cover the whole US?

    And do they contact the owner and let them know that they have recovered the gun?

    And how long does it take to get it back to the owner?

    I remember former Governor Fordice's gun was recovered and his son eventually got it back---but it had Fordice's name engraved on it as I recall.
  8. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    Funny. Before I retired, I ran the drug testing program for about 2,000 employees and actually taught the workforce on how drug testing was done---but I had no idea HOW folks use the different illegal drugs.

    I didn't need to know that and didn't care.

    Folks who did not use drugs didn't mind being drug tested.

    When we had resistance and vehement objections to being drug tested (claims that we were violating their Constitutional rights, etc.), we figured the person was using drugs.

    But simply using drugs would not necessarily cause them to fail their test. It depended upon a number of things.
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  9. patchz

    patchz Court Jester

    If the owner can give a serial number, the gun is entered into NCIC. Computer check usually comes back in seconds unless system is down for maintenance.
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  10. para40

    para40 Sr. Curmudgeon MSGO Supporter

    Lamar Co.
    I got 1 of 2 back.
    If you don't give the sn of the ones stolen, they are gone, gone, gone.
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  11. mascott

    mascott Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I am in a conundrum. My FIL had a gun stolen from the truck I was borrowing at the time. He stated and I understood it to be a S&W model 686. I was not able to give Jackson finest(?) the serial number because he said he did not have it. Since his passing, I have found a receipt where he had purchased a S&W model 10 in 357 and the serial number. That gun is not to be found and he NEVER got rid of a gun. I can't say with 100% accuracy that that is the gun that was stolen but am quite positive that it is. Should I call JPD and report that gun and serial number? It happened about 10 yeas ago. I know, quite a long shot.
  12. Tuco

    Tuco Distinguished Poster

    NW Iowa
    I has several handguns stolen when I lived on the coast. Gave the numbers to the local police. Sometime later I got a call from the Sheriff's department in Mobile saying they had found one on a guy they busted for drugs (no real news there). That was the only one that was ever found to my knowledge.
  13. wllmkttrll

    wllmkttrll Distinguished Poster

    Still waiting on one,2 years.Buddy in Rankin checked NCIC after a year and still there:(
  14. steve2112

    steve2112 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I had several stolen earlier this year. A month or so ago, I got a call from the ATF that they had recovered one. I had to give some more info, because apparently the serial number the police had on record was off on one digit. The guy had been arrested on a different charge, but after I confirmed it was my stolen AR, they tacked on "trafficking in stolen guns" charge. Sadly, this now means it is sitting in evidence until the trial is over. The good thing is it was the most expensive one, an AR I literally finished building 1 week before it got stolen. Never fired a round through it.
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  15. wllmkttrll

    wllmkttrll Distinguished Poster

  16. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    I don't understand why we (as ordinary citizens) cannot see the list of stolen firearms---or at least search the data by a particular serial number.

    It would help us, when buying a gun, determine if it has been stolen---even if there was a nominal fee for accessing the database.

    It would also enable us to see if our stolen gun has been found by the police in some far away city.

    I know . . . they don't think that we should be able to buy a gun from an individual.

    QUESTION: Are pawn shops and other FFLs able to check the stolen gun database before they acquire a used gun?

    We can get a detailed report on a used motor vehicle just by entering the VIN. Why not a gun?

    Vehicle History Reports and VIN Check |
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  17. ridealong34

    ridealong34 Distinguished Poster


    Depending on the agency and DA's policy and if your stolen firearm was not used in a crime. They should be able to photograph it, record serial# and have you sign a receipt.
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  18. steve2112

    steve2112 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    It's not a local LEO office that has it. The ATF has it, and the agent told me they had to keep it until everything was settled with the case.
  19. NRA_guy

    NRA_guy Distinguished Poster

    How would a person in Mississippi even know that his stolen gun has been found and confiscated by, say, the Memphis police?
  20. 45flattop

    45flattop Distinguished Poster

    I suspect that telling JPD about a stolen firearm
    is going to be as pointless as the proverbial ****
    on a bull; remember that some years ago a
    Hinds County Judge and his SIL an assistant
    DA if memory serves were found to be in illegal
    possession of a lot of stolen firearms that should
    have been returned to the original owners.
    Considering the current slate of "judges" and
    the current DA here, things haven't changed for
    the better.:groan:
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