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Tip of my hat to City of Brandon

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by granjack, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. granjack

    granjack Distinguished Poster

    On my way to Shiloh Park for Grandson baseball tournament Friday evening (nice park BTW) when wife and I noticed the MS state flag flying over several public buildings and the monument. If you are from Brandon, you should be proud.
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  2. BasMstr

    BasMstr Distinguished Poster

    Granjack, please don't take this as an insult or dig, cause it ain't. I agree with you, but your post just made me realize how pathetic we've become. To see the state flag flying over a public building AS IT SHOULD BE, and then think that this particular city is doing something out of the ordinary, and worthy of praise, is truly sad.
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  3. granjack

    granjack Distinguished Poster

    No offense taken! It is true that I found it noteworthy because of recent removals of the flag. Regardless of the reason, when something is worthy of praise, we still should do so. If we do not notice the positive, it is then we become pathetic.
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  4. Leonidas

    Leonidas The Beast MSGO Supporter

  5. granjack

    granjack Distinguished Poster

    Isn't that what I said? :hmm:
  6. Leonidas

    Leonidas The Beast MSGO Supporter

    I'm agreeing. (The abridged version)