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Team Magnolia Multigun Club’s
March Carbine Match
March 17, 2018
First carbine match of the year! Also Justin’s first match as TMMG’s MD!!!

Five stages for this match. Two hoser stages, two technical stages, and one running stage.

This match will be all paper targets. Maximum required shots is 30 rounds per stage, 124 rounds total for the match. There is one mandatory reload so you will need to bring at least two mags, but the reload MUST come from a barrel so no belt gear is required.

We will allow shooters to register to shoot twice, but if the match fills up we will require you to choose only one division to shoot in order to let more people in.

  1. Practical
  2. Factory
  3. Unlimited
  4. Heavy
  5. Optics PCC
  6. Rimfire
  7. Pistol Only
See 3GN division guidelines for guidance

  • Everybody shoots for $20 unless you are there by 7 to help build stages, and then you will shoot for free. If you already paid online you will be refunded in cash at the match.
  • We will also be building stages Friday (Mar16) evening. If you help, you shoot for free.
  • Setup begins before 7
  • Registration begins at 8, closes at 830
  • Shooters’ meeting at 830
  • Hammer down at 9

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We are also watching the weather carefully. Tomorrow there are supposed to be thunderstorms, and Sunday there are supposed to be thunderstorms, and "light showers" on Saturday. I can deal with light showers, but I'm not going to be getting people out in a thunderstorm. We will have an answer for sure by tomorrow evening at the latest.

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Thanks everybody for coming out! We had a great match and a good turnout. Hope everybody enjoyed themselves and I appreciate everybody’s patience while we worked through technical difficulties and new Match director difficulties. Scores are below. If you’re on Facebook and haven’t liked our Facebook page, you need to! Facebook is where you will find the most up to date information on matches, current projects and other 3 gun related issues. See y’all in April!

TMMG March Carbine - Saturday March 17 2018 | PractiScore
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