To shoot or to not shoot

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  1. GunnyGene

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    That is the question.

    A large part of carry is deciding when, or if, to shoot. A large part of this is having to make the right decision within a very short time frame - fractions of a second sometimes, and the wrong decision can get you killed or jailed. Many people who have little to no experience with such encounters will make the wrong decision. And even those who have experience may make the wrong decision. Training helps, but isn't enough by itself and if there is an encounter where a decision must be made, no one has the time to run thru all the legal mumbo jumbo in their head. More often than not your rat brain takes over and it's pure survival instinct.

    I've been in this situation more than once, and I cannot predict what my decision might be the next time (if there is one) so I do my best to avoid having to make such a decision.
  2. Jarhead5811

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    I figure people that give such situations a great deal of consideration beforehand might be better prepared, should the time arise to make that fateful decision. So, I think about “what if”s quite a bit and activily avoid situations that seem more likely to bring about the time to need to make that decision.

  3. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy I could only pick one, extra money, or guns.

    I don't know it's hard to say.
    I'd reckon if you gotta question if it's a good time to shoot, it's not a good time to shoot.
  4. Vick

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    In my 70 years, I have had 4 people looking down the barrel of my gun. In each case I got very loud and very bossy, yelling at them exactly what I expected them to do; fortunately, in each case they realized I was very serious and did exactly what I told them, so I never had to let the hammer fall. Hope I'm never in that situation I've gotten older, my patience with fools has gotten much shorter.

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    Petal, MS
    I think those of us who carry like to believe that we're prepared to shoot should the need arise but, if we're being honest, until we're in the soup, so to speak, you can never really know. So you train, both physically and mentally.
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    You too, huh?
  7. Scharfschütze

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    Sir, gunny, please don't split infinitives, sir.
    der Grammatiksobersturmbahnführer.
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    I have been in that situation 2 times. Once as a 17 year old, once a few years back. I am thankful that I did not looking back. I did not want to possibly spend years in the slammer,and the taking of a life is serious. However I know that I could if I had no choice. I always have a gun nearby and will defend my property, a defenseless persons life, or my own life.
    I believe that it is important to practice shooting. But just as important to be ready mentally.
    You can apologize for words said but we can,t take back a bullet once fired.
    I know that I am more ready mentally than ever before at 2 months shy of 64.
  9. Scharfschütze

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    Very true, one must be mentally prepared. During our NRA Basic Pistol or Personal Protection in the Home class, both our instructors (often me) and our LEO guest speakers emphasize this mental preparation. We literally tell people "if you have not sat down and thought what it will mean for you and your family if you use deadly force (i.e. shoot someone), regardless of whether they die, you MUST do so. If you find you don't wish to be in that situation DO NOT CARRY A FIREARM." I have drawn a firearm 4 times in 40 years and never had to fire. 3 of the situations were resolved when the person(s) saw I was drawing the handgun - they fled. Fourth one cursed me and told me he'd kick my *ss if I didn't have my carbine - but did so as he was quickly retreating from our property. In all 4 situations I got the shakes very bad after 3 or 5 minutes had passed. I carry daily and take it very seriously. And if I can remove myself from a sketchy situation I do so. I sincerely hope I never have to use a firearm to defend myself or others. But I have thought about it and believe I could. Aftermath would be very rough, it was for me even when I didn't fire (see above) but I'd be alive-I hope.
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    So you "avoid" Jackson as much as possible.
  11. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    I certainly do. I get nervous just driving through to get to Flowood or Pearl. Lately even Byram feels sketchy* to me.
    *sorry I'm surrounded by teenagers all day at w&rk so I have adopted some of their vernacular.
  12. Jarhead5811

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    Exactly, I also try to know the areas best to avoid in the other cities (Laurel, Hattiesburg, Meridian, etc.) I visit on a somewhat regular basis. If I don’t know a place I try to treat it as I would a place in West Jackson. I figure it’s better to be on high alert, unnecessarily, than to be complacent when one shouldn’t.

    Visiting people in the hospital is the only time I’m likely to be caught in Jackson.
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  13. 94LEVERFAN

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    I live in Clinton, so I travel to or through Jacktown pretty much on a daily basis. Knock the safety off at the city limits sign.
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  14. Mesquite

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    Strange: but in someways, i feel less prepared mentally to deal with BS that would follow;However, i know i would not want to think about losing someone that i could've protected.
    As stated: Stay prepared & pray for best.
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    NW MS
    Indeed, infinitives are to never be split.

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    I avoid high crime areas, my trips are always planned. I will usually circle in a parking lot an find a spot closest to the door. My head is on a swivel so to speak, scanning for any potential threat. I will avoid a confrontation when possible but use deadly force if it absolutely necessary. I remember stopping for gas in Memphis years ago and pulling away before pumping a single gallon because it seemed to me that I was the center of everyone's attention.
  17. GunnyGene

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    It's ok to split wood, hairs, atoms, and seconds among many other things. Why not infinitives? ;):lol3:
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  18. Scharfschütze

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    I know the feeling. You sort of develop a "6th sense" about some things. My w*fe has it more than I; she's told me more than once, "unh unh go on to the next gas station" because she gets that feeling...
  19. patchz

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    Many of us have probably practiced or shot in a match where there were shoot don't shoot targets. But I was fortunate enough to shoot at a video shown life size using guns that showed hits to the computer via laser so your hits were recorded in the computer and scored. It was very stressful, but I did well and did not shoot a "don't shoot" target. And the targets did not remain stationary btw, they moved and fired back. Except for the missing sound and recoil, it was an excellent training scenario. Unfortunately, it was too expensive for our department to purchase.
  20. Jarhead5811

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    FATS system? We trained using FATS and I really enjoyed it.
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