Today’s meet in memory of Captain 03 and Mr. Sandy

Discussion in 'South Mississippi' started by usmc-nav, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. usmc-nav

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    Just wanted to say thanks to Coast Rifle and Pistol Club for hosting us today. Very nice facility. Thanks to those who cooked and provided the food. I enjoyed meeting fellow forum members and enjoyed the conversations. Can’t wait till next year.
  2. Leadburner

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    Old friends, new friends & a good time for sure . Thanks to all who made it happen.

  3. onlymaroonmatters

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  4. Jarhead5811

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    It was a blast. I will make it a priority to attend the next one. Thanks to ya’ll that made it happen! ...and thanks to those that let me try out their fine rifles! I now have a hankering for all kinds of stuff I can’t afford!

    I really wish I could make it to @Sum Gy Custom Firearms tomorrow but I have other obligations, on Sundays. Besides, the Wife was very understanding about one day off with the guys, I wouldn’t try two in a row.
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  5. wllmkttrll

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    Got to put names with faces,had a blast.Thank you to all that hosted this party.
  6. nonnieselman

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    Good time as always...
    I left at 4:30 this morning. Just now getting home at 8:40pm.
    Had to go hide a bunch of 308 brass and bullets around Ellis' shop so he can look for them monday.
    404 miles is enough for one day

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  7. onlymaroonmatters

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    Is getting close to Easter :lol2:
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  8. oldguns

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    Dang it. Maybe next year.....
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  9. wllmkttrll

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    That makes it all mo better:lol5:
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  10. Soonered

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    Glad I got to stop by even if it was only for a couple of hours.
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  11. Ellis93

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    I appreciate it too lol.

    I hate like hell I had to miss out. Kinda bothered me some......
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  12. Vick

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    Was a good M&G...enjoyed seeing the regulars and putting faces on a lot of the newer crowd! :) Thanks very much to those who did such a good job putting it togeather, cooking, etc.
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  13. fastarrow

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    Had a blast as usual!
    Thanks to GCRPC for hosting again this year. Glad to see and talk with the regular crew. Met new faces. And miss seeing a few. Ellis, SumGuy, Froto and more.
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  14. Mesquite

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    Ditto to all the above.
    It was wonderful meeting Teds family.
    Was Glad Sandys family made it.
    Got the his boys behind the sights of my Garand.:).
    Extra HI to all new faces i got to talk to, and regrets to those i missed.
    Till Next Time :101010:
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  15. CajunBP

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    I would like to particularly thank Leadburner and 22lrfan. You guys brought unique and expensive guns and it isn't lost on me the time and money you guys put into letting people shoot your stuff, particularly given that the ammo isn't off the shelf stuff. You guys made my son's day. I would also put Subgunfan in the same catergory, except we didn't get to shoot his stuff, mainly due to weather.

    I would also like to thank Southern Reloading. Having helped him prepare just a very little last week, I have a better understanding of what it takes to make this happen at a very busy range where there are competing discipline and interests. I know he was out there every day last week and didn't fire a shot yesterday. He also provided the hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments and a few other items.

    Once again Nonnie and someone else brought lots of sausage and bologna. The sausage went quick, I didn't even get to try it LOL! Thanks again to anyone I missed.

    Almost forgot my brother Fireman 170, who got on the grill early so I could shoot a few rounds with my son.
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  16. Southern Reloading

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    Cajun you talking about the supervisor here????

    I also thank Cajun who kinda ran the cooking when the above supervisor would let him!! Cajun we gonna go shoot one day!!!
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  17. CajunBP

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    Forgot, Shrek was on the balogna griddle and Bass was on set-up/breakdown crew!
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  18. para40

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    Lamar Co.
    Thanks to all involved,
    great time and got to meet some new folks.
    I enjoyed it very much, again thanks for all your efforts.
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  19. Mesquite

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    Definitely KUDOS to all of you. :101010:
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  20. crackshotAR15

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    Wish i could have stayed longer for the BBQ. But with 4 kiddos at home it cut us short. Susannah and Me had a great time. And i'm not sure who decided to let my wife shoot their 7.7 Jap Arasaka, but my wife wants me to buy more old Military rifles! So thanks.... I think

    Oh, and she had a great idea. She was thinking it would be fun to do a Milsurp shoot. Give a chance for everyone to see a little history and shoot some old Military rifles, and have a few iron site competitions. What you all think?
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