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todays gunshow finds...

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List em up... Things yall may like that I saw

Ruger mk2's (2 of em) 220 and 260 blued. One target and one standard

Marlin 444p 525

Marlin 450 guide gun 575 (maybe 525)

Winchester model 94 30/30 for 225

Wha yall see?
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Joe, should have read the whole post before I sent a msg about the Ruger.
Dhollis, you looking at the standard or comp?
dhollis51 said:
sidroski said:
Dhollis, you looking at the standard or comp?
I was looking at the taget model that he had but might get the standard cause I will eventually put a Pac-lite threaded barrel on it. you have one you want to get rid of? if so pm me with what you have :smile:
No, I'm looking for one also.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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