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todays gunshow finds...

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List em up... Things yall may like that I saw

Ruger mk2's (2 of em) 220 and 260 blued. One target and one standard

Marlin 444p 525

Marlin 450 guide gun 575 (maybe 525)

Winchester model 94 30/30 for 225

Wha yall see?
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No finds today, but I too saw and talked to Hammer.............

I did see powder and primers, but the prices are still too high.

AR prices are coming down... with MANY for sale.

Ammo prices not coming down much.....
Better to go to Walmart and Academy (maybe even >Dick's< and G-Mountain).

I tried to bring in some Lake City 30 Carbine and 30-06 to sell for some spending $$$, but was stopped at the check in table. BUMMER ! ! ! NOTE: That ammo is still for sale (FTF only). PM me for details and prices.

Saw that video of those Crazy Nuts catching snakes by wading around a lake........ However, they appeared to be having FUN.....

Did any of you guys talk to the guy selling the 22RF conversions for the AR-15? I did, but would like to hear your take on those....... The price didn't seem too bad.

Didn't buy anything today..... So I chalk up the $8 entry fee to "entertainment & education"..............

Edited to add: All the ammo is sold.

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Slngblde said:
Forgot to mention earlier... the atm machine got stolen again. If your going, take plenty of cash. Same thing happened the night before the last show.
I guess the "Security Guard" stepped out for a bite to eat................................ OOOOPS ! ! !

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