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todays gunshow finds...

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List em up... Things yall may like that I saw

Ruger mk2's (2 of em) 220 and 260 blued. One target and one standard

Marlin 444p 525

Marlin 450 guide gun 575 (maybe 525)

Winchester model 94 30/30 for 225

Wha yall see?
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It was a decent show, didnt see anyting i couldnt live without. Though i am considering going back and getting a 38 i saw. Today i sold a pistol and talked to Hammer for a few minutes.
Forgot to mention earlier... the atm machine got stolen again. If your going, take plenty of cash. Same thing happened the night before the last show.
I think thats the 3rd time thats happened, screams inside job to me..... I almost lost a sale on my pistol due to this. Maybe next time they should stuff a dummy atm full of dye packs and a gps beacon, should be easy to find the culprit with the smurf blue dye all over him.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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