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todays gunshow finds...

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List em up... Things yall may like that I saw

Ruger mk2's (2 of em) 220 and 260 blued. One target and one standard

Marlin 444p 525

Marlin 450 guide gun 575 (maybe 525)

Winchester model 94 30/30 for 225

Wha yall see?
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I think thats the 3rd time thats happened, screams inside job to me..... I almost lost a sale on my pistol due to this. Maybe next time they should stuff a dummy atm full of dye packs and a gps beacon, should be easy to find the culprit with the smurf blue dye all over him.
sidroski said:
dhollis51 said:
sidroski said:
Dhollis, you looking at the standard or comp?
I was looking at the taget model that he had but might get the standard cause I will eventually put a Pac-lite threaded barrel on it. you have one you want to get rid of? if so pm me with what you have :smile:
No, I'm looking for one also.
dangit I was hopig you were selling :lol3:
there turned out to be quite a few nice guns today.....but good lawd at the prices! some of the same stuff was $50-100 cheaper at the last one. i saw several different ones marked up a couple hundred OVER list price...pretty much a burnt run. plus i didn't have the funds for anything even if there had been something that I just couldnt live w/o
SubGunFan said:
.....Did any of you guys talk to the guy selling the 22RF conversions for the AR-15? I did, but would like to hear your take on those....... The price didn't seem too bad.
Were they local? Product brand? Price? -- I would like to have another ...
There was a FINE garande (?sp) on a table it was in awesome shape and I saw several xd sub 40s but they were all WAY over priced. Most of the ones I saw were over $500 and one was closer to $600 than $500. I noticed quite a few remington 1100's that were in piss poor condition priced at $375 and I promise with the condition they were in they were no near worth that much. Had one dealer that apparently didn't see my HOT PINK MSGO shirt assume I was looking at the XD sub 40's for my husband. It was really quite ammusing to listen to him talk and give me all the specs and information on it so as he put it I would know what I was buying for my husband. I had to laugh after he finished and tell him I already knew everything he just said and I was looking at them for me to carry not for my husband. It was really even more amusing when he got this funny look on his face and didn't know what to say as I walked off.
I saw a really nice garand also but it had been completly redone the gun was teflon coated in odgreen and it had a boyds stock on it even though it didnt look original I just like the work someone did to it. Oh and subgun im interested in the 30carbine ammo.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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