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Took the daughter shooting

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Went out to a sand pit and let the daughter ring off a few with the .22. She's only 4 so it's perfect time. Took the son out Thursday and he liked it too. It's the perfect situation to teach them all the rules. Here's a short video of me and the daughter.

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Hooter said:
Lt.Dan said:
Went out to a sand pit and let the daughter ring off a few with the .22. She's only 4 so it's perfect time.
Somewhere a liberal just fainted. :rotflmao:
hahaha I :bull: on liberals.
Hey thanks everyone. You should see some of the comments when I posted the video on facebook haha. Trina out both my kids love it, they woke me up this morning at 6 wanting to go shooting. They don't even care about trick or treating haha. I just wanted to get them familiar with the sounds and such so the next few times is going to be more concentrated on safety and rules. They even sat with me when I cleaned the guns haha. And the best part is they like the smell of hoppes #9 haha
always glad to hear folk spending quality time with kids :bravo:
I think its funny that the big city types are out critizing us for owning guns and having them around kids but in reality WE are the ones with smarter kids and WE are the ones spending quality time and more time with our children than anyone else out there. Our kids are the ones that grow up and know a thing or two about life rather than video games and cake.
teirst said:
where is this sand pit?
up north on 49, in McHenry in the woods haha. I can let ya know next time we head out there if you want to go.

Joe S. said:
thats a good age to start teaching them RESPONSIBLE gun usage. that keeps em from learning it the wrong way as they get older. ie, from tv, friends...

kinda like s e x... i wanna be the one to talk to my daughter about it. not someone trying to get in her pants... i teach her gun usage for the one trying to get in her pants... lol j/k... kinda...
Gun usage will be directly involved with that conversation haha.
No I don't have your number. Shoot it to me in a PM and I'll give ya a shout next time we are planning on heading out there.
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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