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Top prize money was taken at the F-Class Match Today

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Alton Britt was the man today at the F-Class match down at Bogue Chitto. Mr. Britt, as we now refer to him, shot a 200 score relay, thats all X's and 10's folks. He collected to pot that had been posted for the first 200 shot this year.
All and all it was a good day, everyone shot great today. And X-Ring did a great job putting the match on. We were ready for the heat and sun today. Tents, generators, and fans were brought by several of the shooters today and it made a big difference.
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Congradulations to Alton, and thank you to Alton , Mildot , and Scott Womack for bringing fans and canopies to help make it a enjoyable shoot. Conditions were perfect, no mirage and absolutelly not a hint of any wind at all. Alton, Limbic, and Jim Speaks were turning in High Master scores, I even shot a High Master on one relay with a F/TR gun. Can't beleive I sold it to you Neck after I shot my highest score but I will be glad to have you out shooting with us in the future it is definatelly a good fit for you, you were tearing the X and 10 ring up when you shot it after the match. Mstrophyhunter took the money shooting a 6x47 he built on a Savage target action, Krieger barrel, Shehane tracker 1200 stock, Nightforce benchrest scope. He's a good competitor and knows how to build a accurate rifle. Nonnieselman made a good showing first time out with his 300 finished 2nd in F-Open B, good shooting and keep it up.
David didn't make the match this month. Alton is already a member of the forum "Mstrophyhunter" is his handle.
I would like to hijack the thread for just a moment to express gratitude to Southwest Gun Club and Doug Bowser for nudging so to say in starting the F-Class league at Bogue Chitto, and allowing me the freedom to organize the matches the way I felt would be safe and enjoyable to everyone that participates. Also a special Thank You to Mr. Frank Burns who owns the property that this fine range is located on.
No you would not be in over your head. Most of the guns you see here are open class guns. You can shoot F/TR class which is for .223 and .308 calibers only shot off a bipod and rear bag. Weight limit with bipod is 18.18 pounds. With your rifle and the right loads you can be very competitive. Also we have the classes split by classification where you do not have to shoot against seasoned shooters starting out. We have matches the fourth Saturday of each month at Bogue Chitto. There is a recent post here in the competition section that gives details about the match. Come on out and give it a try we would be glad to have you.
Scharfschuetze said:
We shoot from that same 600-yd line, without fans, tents, shade, or telescopes; open sights. NRA High Power / Service rifle matches. I'd like to invite y'all to come out and try that -
Might have to get a loner one day and try it, when it cools off :lol4:
I would like to shoot at them big ole X's though.
I couldn't agree with you more, we have some guys shooting their palma rifles from position with slings and my hat is definatelly off to you guys. I would like to give it a try some time. Doesn't the club have loaner rifles members can use to try out high power? I might be mistaken but I thought I had heard Doug say something about it.
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