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Top prize money was taken at the F-Class Match Today

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Alton Britt was the man today at the F-Class match down at Bogue Chitto. Mr. Britt, as we now refer to him, shot a 200 score relay, thats all X's and 10's folks. He collected to pot that had been posted for the first 200 shot this year.
All and all it was a good day, everyone shot great today. And X-Ring did a great job putting the match on. We were ready for the heat and sun today. Tents, generators, and fans were brought by several of the shooters today and it made a big difference.
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finally shot that 200 that i have been looking for for 3 years . 6x47 lapau .kreiger 1/8 barrel , savage target action , shehane tracker stock , lapau brass , berger 108 , h 4350 .all performed well on saturday . i have been watching a lot of shooters and trying to copy some of their techniques . limbic, speaks, mr Brewer,mr Wittman, and some guys at palo alto . and special thanks to x-ring , mil dot who put in a lot of hours organizing and putting on the matches . could not ask for a better group of guys to shoot with i look forward all month to 4 saturday to go down talk guns and to shoot with them wittman was not at this shoot missed him always thought he would get the first 200 at bogue chitto any one that likes guns and shooting come on down and shoot with us
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