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Top prize money was taken at the F-Class Match Today

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Alton Britt was the man today at the F-Class match down at Bogue Chitto. Mr. Britt, as we now refer to him, shot a 200 score relay, thats all X's and 10's folks. He collected to pot that had been posted for the first 200 shot this year.
All and all it was a good day, everyone shot great today. And X-Ring did a great job putting the match on. We were ready for the heat and sun today. Tents, generators, and fans were brought by several of the shooters today and it made a big difference.
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It sure is fun to shoot in darn near ideal conditions! Alton got beat by a few 200's down in palo alto so he was due. I think he has only missed one match in three years. Lots of good scores yesterday. A 200 and several 198's and 197's. I know Stephens and William will be sick they missed it.

108 bergers. Ummmm :thinking:
Shoot more and cut that gym stufff out. I'm a firm believer that id rather be accurate than fit!
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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