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Top prize money was taken at the F-Class Match Today

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Alton Britt was the man today at the F-Class match down at Bogue Chitto. Mr. Britt, as we now refer to him, shot a 200 score relay, thats all X's and 10's folks. He collected to pot that had been posted for the first 200 shot this year.
All and all it was a good day, everyone shot great today. And X-Ring did a great job putting the match on. We were ready for the heat and sun today. Tents, generators, and fans were brought by several of the shooters today and it made a big difference.
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Man it was a blast Sid....

Some really good rifle shooters out there...I was impressed...about as perfect as you could possibly ask it to be for Mississippi in July

Loads of Fun

No one has said anything about that extra hand in the picture with mstropyhunter...we talked one of Womack's sons into holding the target for the pic

The whole Womack crew was there today...Blasting and having fun....
Hey Nonnieselman

U did great bro :thumbup:

300 eh.... :awesome: :bow:

I knew there was a reason the ground was shaking...and Womack was flinching....

Hey X-ring...I think I'll be able to get 3 or 4 more newbies for you next month....after I harrass them for not showing yesterday

Man I sure liked that NF BR scope that fella from Hammond had...

He was out there teasing us with all that "eye candy"...NF scope dealer....

the other thread has a few more pics as well...I'd put a few there yesterday before this one got started

You put on a great show yesterday there x-ring.....real laid back day

Cudos to whoever groomed the shooting area beforehand as well...awesome place
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OK X-ring...

U da bossman of da matches....U wanna start a new "pot"...makes things interesting....

I'll donate $25 seed money...and I aint even shot a match yet....Folks could drop $5 in each match....if they wanna play

If ya had 20 folks shooting might not take long to get a good kitty

shooting for a NF scope....Oh yeah....I'd be there every month....course it would not be in any danger of my winning it...You boys are too good....

How do I get me one dem fancy F-class T-shirts...
To all the potential "newbies" out there...Don't be scared...If you don't know anything about F-class...at least come watch a match...you'll learn a lot...Find a harris bi-pod and a rear bag and bring that 308 out and give it a whirl....

pm x-ring and he'll get a map to the range

Just leave your ego at home....These boys are good shooters

I'm gonna get "smoked" Sat but who cares.... :idk:

I'll learn something new every time I go....The competition is with yourself....Besides you'll get to see some really nice rifles and meet some great folks

Hey X-ring....Since mstropyhunter cleaned it out last time...

ya'll gonna start another kitty to make things "more interesting"

Time to change that AVATAR :lol3:
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