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Training guys to shoot 1911A1

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Seabee's carried the 1911A1 up through Desert storm. I was lucky or unlucky however you see it to be the a range officer one summer to certify all officers and enlisted non-com's assigned the weapon. Most of the handguns in the armory were just plain wore out from target practice over the years, however once in awhile you could find one that shot fairly good. Some of those guys would have done better throwing them. I always remember this one fellow that came back 5 times to qualify, I finally had to put two good guys on either side of him and have them throw him a round each string to get him through. The best part of the job was there was always people that didn't for one reason or the other show up, it was a real pain in the butt to check live ammo back into the armory, so I stayed at the range with my escort 45 and shot the rest of it up each day. That was a very enjoyable summer for me.
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I miss those times every blue moon. Learning to gut it out at Ft. Benning back in '86 wasn't much fun in the sawdust pit in August-don't miss that!

We had a doe come running across the range at around 800 yards one day, and the drills actually let everyone on the line try to shoot her. We weren't even sighted in good yet, much less proficient at that range. I don't think she got a scratch on her!

I went to W. Germany, a leg grunt assigned to a stinkin' mech unit (1st of the 6th Infantry, 1st AD) stationed at Ft. Illesheim... middle of nowhere farming village, where they fertilized using manure. Ah, the aroma. Our motto? "Where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous."
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