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Trigger job on my new XD(M)'s

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I just completed doing a trigger job on my new XD(M)-45 and XD(M)-40. I used a Springer kit in my other two XD(M)'s and found it to be only 1/2 of a trigger job. The sear mates with the striker and BOTH have to be polished finely. The Springer kit does not address the striker at all and one is not included in their kit. Also, I had to repolish both of the Springer sears to remove the "creep" that was still there. For my two new XD(M)'s, I did the polish work myself and got a lot better trigger break than I did with the Springer kit in my other two pistols. I am not really concerned at this time about the weight of the trigger pull as both pistols seem to have a pull in the 5 pound range and I will address the pull weight later after the pistols are broken in. Next, go to the range and try these babies out.
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I really really like the Springer kit I had put in my XD 9mm...

It was a total POS before I had it done...

Congrats on being patient enough to do it all yourself...I was not so brave
SGMJody said:
I have now "hijacked" my own post.
:awesome: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
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