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Tritium sights on 1911?

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My relatively new Para 1911 came with an offer from Para where they'll install tritium sights on the gun at the factory for $99.....
Anybody use them? Like 'em? Worth $99? :thinking:

(I found Trijicon's tritium sights for 1911's on Midway at $85)

Thanks for the opinions.....
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Worth every penny.

Some say an armed confrontation is more likely to occur at night. You should use every advantage you can get.

I'd do it.

Heinie Straight 8's are also nice.

I've found that dot colors and styles are highly personal...What works for one may not work for another....Kinda like recommending a color on a new truck

Find some you like and try 'em...If they don't work for you.... get a different set and keep working with it till you are happy
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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