Tropical Depression 16 likely to be Hurricane Nate, headed for us

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness/Self Sufficiency' started by Scharfschütze, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Saw that on the Weather Channel earlier. My first thought was, here we go again.
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  3. cs700

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    "Nate" computer models.

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  5. Scharfschütze

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    Anyone know of a source for the "123" Surefire batteries? I used to get them for $4.97 / 2 at Lowe's but went by & they apparently don't sell them anymore.
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    Probability says far more about the state of our knowledge than it does about the state of nature. In other words, a probability statement is a calculation of our ignorance of the future - how wrong we are, not how right we are. Something most folks have difficulty wrapping their heads around. :)
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    Doesn’t it piss you off how NO and Louisiana get talked about but Mississippi is never mentioned by name?

    I heard a report earlier than talked about Louisiana, New Orleans specifically, and mentioned Alabama and Florida but skipped right over us.
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  10. steve2112

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    Check out Battery Junction. They have a huge selection and decent prices. I've used the Panasonic and Energizer brands, in addition to the Surefires, and had good results.

    CR123A Batteries
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    NW MS
    Again, it needs to go straight for DC.
  12. Rw

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  13. Scharfschütze

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    Thanks and I'll check all the online stuff but right now I was looking for a physical store that sells them local in anticipation of the weekend, thought I had more on hand than I actually do, which is never a good thing. Can't believe Lowe's dropped them. I was told Walmart dropped them due to "shrink" (theft).
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  14. Rw

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    Those same batteries will cost you .80 to $2 more each locally.. nobody local I have ever heard of sells them without a huge markup
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  15. onlymaroonmatters

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    Yeah I remember seeing them in lowes long time ago and was appalled at the price. Could get double the amount for less online. Have a few in my rifles that the lights use them and keep the rest in my battery drawer. Which prob could stand another pack just in case
  16. Rw

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    Think they are $5 for 2 at academy..

    Need to check and see how my supply is, may be time to order some more. Ive been using a new rechargeable light most the time lately..
    I am slowly switching over to lights that will run on both these cr123 or rechargeable 18650. I probably have 20 of the 18650 now , mostly from salvaging them from old laptop batteries.
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  17. Scharfschütze

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    Went back by Lowe's & found a 12-pack for $24. So good for now; will stock up online though. Need to add these to the "hoard"
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  18. Scharfschütze

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    Yeah the 2-packs at Lowe's are $4.97. Online with free prime shipping the products on the links above are a bit cheaper, considering no taxes paid.
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  19. patchz

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    Sorry to rain on your parade but Amazon is charging tax on most sales now.
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