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We were at Wal Mart, me in sporting goods, Linda looking at ladies underthingys.

A black male BOLTS in from the back door of Tire and Lube Express and a guy was standing in his way. He throws him to the ground and he lands straight on his face, breaking his cheek.

The indevidual keeps running and I show up. Somebody yells call 911 and I see the guy on the ground. Thinking he had a seasure I run about 10 feet from the guy I think is going to call a manager. An LEO passes me and I figure out whats going on.


He was tazed to get him on the ground. Then he was cuffed.

THe same girl that was screaming call 911 walked over and was like "He tazed him and when he was on the ground he tazed him AGAIN!!"

No he didnt....

Im sitting there wondering how someone can SEE something like that happen and STILL try and make the officer out to be the bad guy!

I ran to the wife and told her what was happening and we got what we needed and left.

Im not going back to Pearl Wal Mart till I get my CCW. Which wont be too long.

ALL saved money every week will go to a CCW IF I dont work all week and fill out the paperwork next week!

Then I will tote Lindas SCCY CPX-1 till I get my own CCW pistol.

And How was your day??

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Things just don't happen in Walmart -- Get your permit!!
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ha I carry my gun all the time now that I have my permit and love it.

Glad it wasnt you

And if I am in Walmart and all hell breaks out I am going to the sporting goods section and busting some glass and grabbing a scattergun and busting some heads

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About 10 years ago, my wife and I were standing in line at Burger King (in Vicksburg)---a rare thing for us to do because she hates fast food and I hate standing in line.

Three or four black guys were in front of us wearing their gangsta clothing. Suddenly, the biggest one (maybe 350 lbs) goes crazy and starts cursing the little white cashier (another rarity) behind the counter.

When he gave her his money it fell onto the floor.

He kept screaming that the white ***** had "dissed" him and she was going to have to come around to the front of the counter and pick it up.

She just asked him to pick it up and hand it to her.

His buddies were more sane and tried to calm him down but he would have no part of it.

Finally, the big guy shouts, "If she don't come pick up my money some m-----r f----r is gonna die."

That's when my wife and I exited.

I called 911 and told them what I had witnessed.

In less time than it takes to type it, there were 4 police cars with blue lights in the lot---one or two at each door to the building.

We just left. But I was glad they came.

Avoiding a bad situation is the best thing you can do---if you have the option.

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That's a frightening realization... I don't often go to Pearl, but it seems more more the Walmart by my house (county line Rd) is getting worse. I almost think it's a good thing that they don't sell guns there anymore.

It's not just walmart though guys, and I think we all know that. Jackson as a whole has been going "south" for a long time. Growing up as one of two white families in my neighborhood (I grew up on Northside Dr, off meadow ridge -think triangle drive-) I got to witness a lot of first hand as a kid. That was a really crime ridden neighborhood in the 90's.

I'm not sure that a CCW is the ultimate answer, but sure as hell makes me, and most of you feel safer knowing we're doing our part to protect our own.

I'm glad that the situation was quickly resolved and NO ONE was hurt. The ***** who was slandering the cop should have been cuffed for slander (Can they do that?)!

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My pard and I were in WalMart in McComb. He was looking for a VCR for him and his Daughter. He found 2 and was looking at one while he was holding the other between his legs. A young FAT black woman grabbed the one he had between his legs and tried to make off with it. He called the manager of the department and he made the woman give it back,. When we exited the store, a big black dude came up and said he was going to kick my friend's a$$. My friend told him he was a heart patient and armed and he would not let him hit him. The dude did not believe my friend and my friend came out with a .380 PPK. That stopped the incident.

Civilization can falter at any time. A hard blow to my friend could be fatal. I have the same problem myself. I had a brain tumor (about the size of a lemon) removed in 2004. A hard blow to my head would likely be fatal or cause me paralysis. I will never fight anyone with my hands. If I am armed I will use deadly force to stop ant physical attack on me. I know how to shoot a pistol.

Never fight with an old man. He is too old to fight and will likely just kill you.

PS: The refernce to the baddies being black is not a slur to all black people. I have black friends that I would trust with my house key. It is because that is what the baddies were.

Doug Bowser

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I dont feel tha a CCW was going to change the situation since you werent in immediate danger and once the poor guy with the broken cheek was injured the scumbag kept running (no longer a threat) your best bet was to be a "good witness". Having said that, I understand your point that next time it may be you or a member of your family in some goblin's path or the guy may do something life threateningly stupid etc. and I agree that in that situation the best person to defend you and yours is yourself.

I'm not particularly old but I do have 3 little girls and a wife and if someone tries to hurt them, I'm not even sure the hand of God himself could stop me from stopping it having said that, I am indeed out of shape and while I have studied martial arts the majority of my life, I am not willing to gamble on hand to hand combat ( considering the shape I'm in ) when it comes to my family...so I carry a gun.
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