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Trouble at Wal Mart in Pearl!! (Need My CCW)

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We were at Wal Mart, me in sporting goods, Linda looking at ladies underthingys.

A black male BOLTS in from the back door of Tire and Lube Express and a guy was standing in his way. He throws him to the ground and he lands straight on his face, breaking his cheek.

The indevidual keeps running and I show up. Somebody yells call 911 and I see the guy on the ground. Thinking he had a seasure I run about 10 feet from the guy I think is going to call a manager. An LEO passes me and I figure out whats going on.


He was tazed to get him on the ground. Then he was cuffed.

THe same girl that was screaming call 911 walked over and was like "He tazed him and when he was on the ground he tazed him AGAIN!!"

No he didnt....

Im sitting there wondering how someone can SEE something like that happen and STILL try and make the officer out to be the bad guy!

I ran to the wife and told her what was happening and we got what we needed and left.

Im not going back to Pearl Wal Mart till I get my CCW. Which wont be too long.

ALL saved money every week will go to a CCW IF I dont work all week and fill out the paperwork next week!

Then I will tote Lindas SCCY CPX-1 till I get my own CCW pistol.

And How was your day??
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i guess ive had good luck when going to sketchy walmarts (hwy 18, pearl, and county line) BUT i have felt uncomfortable at mostly all walmarts at some point in time. especially when walking with the gf bc shes getting eyed.

i didnt think it was legal to have a gun on you when walking into walmart?

glad only the bad guy was hurt
If you have a permit and the place is not posted "no guns" than of course it is legal to carry in WalMart. If WalMart ever bans people carrying who have legal permits, this is one regular customer who will take his business elsewhere.
Yes...if I carry my whole life and never use it, I still believe it is worth the time and effort. It would only take that one time without a firearm to make you wish you had one.
Sam Walton is rolling in his grave!
It's always best to avoid trouble unless there is no other recourse. I try to look at the physical, legal, economic downsides of going to the next level that I hope to never arrive at. When it involves family and there is room to safely leave or avoid then that is the 1st choice. When safety is no longer guaranteed then hope your training and good judgement doesn't fail you.
Stay Safe,
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