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Tucker Gunleather A++++

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I emailed Rob Longenecker at Tucker Gunleather today with a few questions about his Silent Thunder holster for my M&P. I was expecting to hear something back by Tuesday or Wednesday. Boy was I wrong. He emailed me back in an hour with a detailed email addressing all of my questions! I wrote him back to thank him for a fast response on Sunday, then I placed my order on the website. A few hours go by after getting the normal automatic confirmation email and I notice another email from TG is in my box. It's Rob again! That, my friends, is customer service! I can't wait to get my new holster. He also told me that if I was unhappy in any way, I could return the custom made holster!!

Here is the 2nd email. He already had my money and didn't need to take the time to write me again, but he did. Outstanding!

Thanks for your Tucker Gunleather order. I appreciate it.
I'll be shipping your Silent Thunder in 3-4 weeks and I'll email you when I
I look forward to having you as a customer.

Glad I could help on a Sunday.

Tucker Gunleather
Here is a short video I found of him working. That moustache is bad ass, lol.
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I ordered the slim IWB with the offset clip. The wait on leather holsters is crazy. He gets the hybrids out much faster. 3 weeks. Maybe he has someone helping him with the kydex, but has to do all of the leather himself, IDK.

If the kydex one won't work for me, I'll probably sell it instead of returning it and order a leather one and wait wait wait.
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