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Ok guys, I am sure there are many of you that know a heckuva lot more about handguns in general than I do, (I know more about carry laws than I do about the actual guns), so I have a question:

My Springfield Mil-spec SS 1911-A1 (.45 - 5") has two different dates stamped on it. On the 'double cannon/circle' emblem on the frame, it has the date 1974 stamped in it, but the same emblem on the hardwood grips has 1794...So, what's the deal with this?

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OK -- here is my take on it. In 1794 the Springfield Arsenal/Armory began the manufacture of muskets for the US Government. Prior to 1794, it was the Springfield Arsenal (it stored and repaired the Government's weapons). For the next 150 years, it functioned as a supplier of arms for every major conflict as well as a "think tank" for new firearms concepts. In 1968, citing budgetary issues, the US Government closed the facility.

In 1974, the Reese family "obtained" the name Springfield Armory along with the crossed cannons emblem.

The new Springfield Armory (1974 Private Enterprise) wants to piggy-back on the reputation of the original Springfield Arsenal/Armory.

We would be surprised to know just how many veteran gun owners still think that the new Springfield Armory is the same as the original -- and believe me, the new Springfield Armory wants to keep it that way!!

My thoughts!!
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