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I just had to have one of these Canik pistols after reading & hearing how great they are & how they are beating everything on the firing line.................................
They were hard to find & when found, they were as expensive as a Walther PPQ-Q5.............
So, I bought a Q5. Great gun but grip feels a bit short.
Then the Canik METE arrives & I thought it was a new fsx. The grip is better than the Q5 & the shooter can co-witness the irons & dot.
Bad part about the METE is the chamber is too tight for 124 grain pills.
It only chambers & fires 115 grain pills & they fall below POA. Way below. Just like SIG's do when removed from box. Tried twice to trade it in but no one wants it so I bought a red dot sight to bring rounds on target.
Have not put any rounds on target with this turkey yet!
It looks & feels GREAT but does NOT perform!
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Last is this Tisas Zigana SDS import;
10mm 1911
Traded a 1948 Mosin M44 & a pitted CZ vz52 pistol + $99 for this one.
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Gotta just love the features on this pistol.
It is accurate also.
Gonna wanna compare this one to a Ruger 10mm 1911 in a future test & see which one is better.

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Why buy another canik?? You said they were the worst 9mm pistol u ever shot??
I have not bought another Canik. The one pictured is the only one I have purchased.
I have not been able to shoot a magazine full of ammo yet but I hope to get it functioning & sighted in soon.
These have little trade in value & when I had it on consignment, few customers showed interest, so I'll hold on to it & the hope to get some satisfaction out of it.
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