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Here is a Remington 03A3 that was sporterized in the past. I have returned it to its former military appearance, but as a 03A4 sniper clone with newer glass. The optics are 1950/51 vintage Weaver KV; Weaver's first variable power 2.75x5 scope.

Here is an Austrian Steyr made German 98k that was damaged by the importer. Both metal & stock have been repaired. Another Weaver KV was used to give this one the appearance of a sniper rifle.

In addition to the windage & elevation turrets, the KV has a smaller power knob to adjust from 2.75x to 5x.

Both rifles shoot as sweet as they look too!


I have tried many times to post photos as per the forum tutorial. It does not work for me.
I used imageshack to post these photos, but the right side of the photo gets cut by the forum software regardless of the image size chosen.
I have posted these same images on other forums without these issues.
What am I doing wrong?

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Those are two fine rifles. :drool:

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Nice pieces you have there!!
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