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Two Remington 870’s, one 20 gauge, one 12, one customer. He advised me about 7 years ago the 12 gauge began to develop light primer strikes, then the Bolt wouldn’t lock forward. The 20 gauge broke the Trigger Connector Pin in the Trigger Assembly, he disassembled it, and brought it in to the shop in a bag. I started with the 12 gauge, initially I thought there was a Trigger Assembly (specifically an Action Bar Lock) problem. I pulled another fully functional 12 gauge 870 Trigger Assembly from inventory and put it in the shotgun, same situation. Went ahead with a fully disassembly and found the Forend Tube Nut was loose. Sonic cleaned and reassembled, worked perfectly. The 20 gauge was sonic cleaned and repaired by putting in a Trigger (with the attached Left & Right Connectors) from a 16 gauge 870 assembly in inventory. Function checked and test fired.
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He must be a dove hunter to break all that ; those guns will take most of what a hunter dishes out.
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