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under ground bunkers

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under ground bunkers

I've been seeing alot of folks talking about the underground survival bunkers and it's started me to thinking are there handicap accessable bunkers or would thie be something i would have to design on my own? I've been kicking around the idea of building one of these things for a while now. I have plenty of land to do it on so that if tshtf my family and I would have a place to go but i've been looking at the designs of alot of the one's people are looking at getting and they dont seem to be workable for someone in my situation. Is there anyone out there that has the knowledge to help me out on this? any help would be greatly apreciated. Just to give you some idea of what I would need it would have to be something I could get around in with a wheelchair so hallways or entrances would need to be about 36-38 inches wide and it would need to have space enough to fit 4 people myself included thanks.
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Re: under ground bunkers

spmwheels said:
yes that's actually what im wanting to do is put some type of bunker into a hill side on my property, that way it is hidden from sight. I'm actually thinking of maybe comming up with a way to get some netting or canvas of some sort to cover over the entrance but I have not yet figured out all of those details. i'm trying first to figure out a realisic way of getting in and out of the thing with my wheelchair.
You'll need to register & join the site, (it's free) to see the pics, but this thread should answer a lot of your questions:

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