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Update on 10/22 build with pics

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well since i couldn't sale my brand new leupold 30x40 fx-3 for anything i decided to go a different direction with it. so here is what i did, went to the local gun shop and picked up a brand new ruger 10/22. ordered a Leupold base and rings off ebay and here is what i have so far. (see Pics)

as far as the shooting this scope is amazing even at 50 yards, the only problem is the trigger is WAY to heavy and pulls me off target.

so next up is a complete trigger job from Kidd innovations, with extended mag release that goes under trigger guard. and a few other particulars from him for the bolt, maybe some jeweling etc.

next is a barrel from hi-desert dog with twisted flute and threaded end with a better buffer setup. Anyone have any good suggestions on best buffer for suppressor, also a barracuda stock from them.

last but not least a suppressor from Mr. Mike,


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Ree has a sweet "Ruger" We are getting ready to drop a small fortune on a set up for Miss Hammer so nope not stupid it's just not what is typically done.
Miss Hammer's is going to require extensive work cause we are converting a right handed 10/22 (maybe) to a left handed one. It will be an interesting build and conversion that's for sure and is going to be built to fit her tiny little self.
I'm Mrs. Hammer Miss Hammer is our 8 year old daughter and Lil' Hammer is our little boy. Most of us when the board got up and going started calling each others children by our screen names with Miss in front of it for our daughters and Lil' in front of it for boys. For the men with wives they usually refer to them as Mrs. Followed by the screen name. Its easier than keeping everyones kids names and wives names separate IMO.
No problem. Go to the comp area and look at the pics of her high score AQT yesterday and today. You will see why we want to give her this build for her comp gun. you will also see what I mean by tiny. She is a little over 4 ft. tall 8 and a half and weighs 57 lbs. Sorry didn't mean to get so far off topic.
Oh pics are posted as pics from appleseed ***updated with new pics***
1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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