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Update on 10/22 build with pics

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well since i couldn't sale my brand new leupold 30x40 fx-3 for anything i decided to go a different direction with it. so here is what i did, went to the local gun shop and picked up a brand new ruger 10/22. ordered a Leupold base and rings off ebay and here is what i have so far. (see Pics)

as far as the shooting this scope is amazing even at 50 yards, the only problem is the trigger is WAY to heavy and pulls me off target.

so next up is a complete trigger job from Kidd innovations, with extended mag release that goes under trigger guard. and a few other particulars from him for the bolt, maybe some jeweling etc.

next is a barrel from hi-desert dog with twisted flute and threaded end with a better buffer setup. Anyone have any good suggestions on best buffer for suppressor, also a barracuda stock from them.

last but not least a suppressor from Mr. Mike,


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so i guess i am stupid lol
LOLOLOL that stock and barrel are coming off in the next week or so. So whats removing the band do??? i am also listening to any opinions on making this a nice little whisper biscuit.
thanks for making me feel better doug, band is off now but i will have my barrel and stock in, in a few weeks anyway. I just hope my medium leupold rings clear the .920 barrel. its already close but if my measurement serve me correct the scope will clear barely.
i am either going with the hogue OD green over mold, or the barracuda, here is a link to the barracuda, also here are two more links to the barrel and trigger i am going with. i must say it is amazing how much nicer the 10/22 is with the Leupold on it. it amazes me how tight of a group it will shoot right out the box just with this scope. i can't wait to get the trigger job to help me from pulling off target.




trigger action, TWO STAGE
yall got any pics of any builds???
lol well post yall build! mine will be rather slow going as to my wife is still a little ill about me dropping 3000 on my last build but its going to happen, yall post any pics or info that will help. also here is one of my older 10/22 builds from a few years ago, nothing special just a trigger job and barrel, and stock

this one has a first gen night vision scope.

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OK I MUST ASK??? no harm intended!!!! why do you keep referring to yourself in 3rd person on your post and type in "Miss" not Mrs. am i missing something or is this Mr. hammer logged in on the wife's account. sorry just wondering lol
Lol that's great I understand now I am sorry for my ignorance lol well I would deff like to see that build and thanks for clearing that up for me
Mrs. hammer i would be very proud!!!! I do not have any children yet but when we do they will hopefully enjoy shooting as well. and ree_countrygirl thats a great looking 10/22, what rounds ammo are you using for the 100 yard shoots and how much drop would you say?
Go to my first page and see the links I posted
it worked flawless out to about 50 yards max 75, but how much more do you need with a 22. it served its purpose on the power lines if you know what i mean
well the leupold was too much scope. So i went to gander and found a little Nikon 3-9x40 prostaff BDC for 169 with 10 bucks off and a 30 dollar mail in rebate. Also changed it up, so far got an OD green hogue over mold stock, tactical solutions 16.5 threaded barrel, and tactical solutions extended mag release. I have a Timney OD green 2.5 trigger on the way. giving mr mike a call in the next few weeks for the suppressor. also added a harris swivel point bipod with pod lock. here are a few picks so far.

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hogue also has this setup in pink and tactical solutions has a pink barrel, the wife wants me to build her one
It is an O D green tactical solutions threaded barrel and OD green tactical solutions extended mag release
thanks for the info Doug but this is definitely not going to be a match rifle. its getting a suppressor and nd3 laser genetics laser after the timney trigger group. business is going to pick up out here in shaky town with all these bobcats and coyotes i have. i have several pics on my game cameras. i will also be purchasing a mojo decoy and predator call. when i get set up its going down lol
very nice, is that a stock barrel that's been fluted
nice lookin guns guys, its funny how an old thread can just come back to life.
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