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Update on 10/22 build with pics

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well since i couldn't sale my brand new leupold 30x40 fx-3 for anything i decided to go a different direction with it. so here is what i did, went to the local gun shop and picked up a brand new ruger 10/22. ordered a Leupold base and rings off ebay and here is what i have so far. (see Pics)

as far as the shooting this scope is amazing even at 50 yards, the only problem is the trigger is WAY to heavy and pulls me off target.

so next up is a complete trigger job from Kidd innovations, with extended mag release that goes under trigger guard. and a few other particulars from him for the bolt, maybe some jeweling etc.

next is a barrel from hi-desert dog with twisted flute and threaded end with a better buffer setup. Anyone have any good suggestions on best buffer for suppressor, also a barracuda stock from them.

last but not least a suppressor from Mr. Mike,


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I have a 10/22 RR with a $650 Burris on it. I am STUPID as well. By all means take the barrel band off the rifle.

I have set my 10/22 up to shoot CMP Sporter Rifle Matches. Here are the rules for the CMP rifles

No fluted barrels
No composite barrels
telescope 6X or less (variables may be set at 6X or less)
.22 LR only
Weight of rifle and telescope 7.5 pounds
Trigger pull of 3 pounds.

It is not a rule but never use a telescope made for high power rifle use on a .22 rf rifle, unless it has parallax adjustment. The parallax is all wrong for shorter distances.

Doug Bowser
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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