UPDATED: FBI Now Investigating NAS Corpus Christi Shooting, ‘Arab Male’ Killed by Navy Security Forc

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    Hinds Co
    all about being PC. Herrznk
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    Yep. Remember where PC control of language = control of thought comes from; socialism. Whether National Socialism, Soviet Socialism, or Socialist Unity Party (Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and East Germany, respectively) it all starts with control of the narrative i.e. language.
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    Having military ID does not exempt you from vehicle searches at the gate. I've been searched 3 times at CAFB in the last 20years. And it's not uncommon to see others getting a randomly selected search.
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    Good to know; at Shelby they always have waved us through when he was driving. I guess I won't carry next time. Didn't do so on base / into the museum anyway. But I don't like going around Hattiesburg without some protection afterwards.
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    But … but … but … the feds have guarded lockboxes near the base entry gates for individuals to secure their firearms before entering the federal GFZ, right? ;)

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    I wish. I made that suggestion to the CAFB C.O. at the time several years ago.:rolleyes: The problem is Commanders discretion. It's rare that they are in that position more than a year or 2, and when they get relieved the new guy can change the rules. Unless Sec Def issues a permanent Directive that applies to all bases (zero chance of that), nothing is going to change.
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    Fortunately, I don't need or want to use any base pharmacies, commissaries or exchanges.

    I can do the pharmacy and exchange thing online from home, although the mail-order pharmacy charges for that.

    It's been several years, in fact, since I've even been on a military base, fort or installation.
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    There is an obvious connection DoyleAlley. They were Muslims!
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