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USPSA AL Sectional Phenix City on EASTERN time

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Huntsville Times ~ www.htimes.com

Q. In Wednesday's newspaper, you said that all of Alabama is in the Central time zone. I've heard that Phenix City next to the Georgia line is actually in the Eastern time zone. Which is true?

A. Well, both answers are correct, sort of. While all of Alabama is officially part of the Central time zone, a few towns on the state's eastern border with Georgia, such as Phenix City in Russell County, Lanett in Chambers County and some towns in Lee County, set their watches and clocks on Eastern time, said H.H. "Bubba" Roberts, city administrator in Phenix City. "We are in the Central time zone, but we do go by the Eastern time zone because so many people work in Columbus," Georgia, which is on Eastern time.
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