Utah Nonresident CCW Training

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  1. I'm posting this for an associate. Please contact him directly with any questions.


    The training class for the Utah nonresident CCW permit can be given any day during the period 4 - 8 December 2017. Training cost is $65.00. Location is Tupelo.

    If you are interested in this please reply to this address or call 662-844-7325 or beninmans@hotmail.com .

    Ben Inman
    NRA Training Counselor


    A Utah CCW permit is widely recognized and reciprocated.

    The Utah CCW permit application is $67.00 for nonresidents, and requires training by a Utah BCI-certified instructor (he is), a set of fingerprints, a color photograph, and a copy of a MS CCW permit for MS residents. The Utah CCW permit is valid for five years.

    How do I Apply for a Concealed Firearm Permit? | DPS – Criminal Identification (BCI)
    States that Honor the Utah Permit(s) | DPS – Criminal Identification (BCI)

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    Apparently that would add Nebraska, Washington state and Delaware.
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  3. It does. It's a good N/R CCW permit to have, especially if you travel a lot.

    Nothing much works up in the NE US, DC or on the Left Coast.
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  4. Although the costs to do so have increased of late.

    And UT-approved CCW trainers are few and far between in this area.

    [CCW training cost + application fee + fingerprinting fee + photo fee + USPS priority mail fee]
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    plus travel and overnight stay fees for me.
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