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Valentine’s 2Gun Match
Saturday, February 18

Register on Practiscore

4 stage match. 3 stages of TMMG design, and one 3GN classifier.

Classifier this month is 3GN 13-17, which is a pistol classifier consisting of 16 rounds and one mandatory reload.

  1. Factory
  2. Practical
  3. Unlimited
  4. Heavy Optics
  5. Optics PCC
  6. Practical Rimfire
see 3GN divisional requirements to decide which division your equipment puts you into

  • Setup will be at 3pm Friday. If you help you shoot for free.
    • Anything not finished will be built Saturday morning at 630
  • Check-In starts at 730
  • Check-In closes at 830 - strictly enforced
  • Shooters’ Meeting starts at 830
  • Hammer down at 9am
Match Fees:
  • Free if you are there Saturday evening and building stages
  • Team Magnolia and all juniors: $15
  • Non-members: $25
You can sign up for Team Magnolia at the match for a $20 annual membership.

Like us on Facebook @teammagnoliamultigun for more information.
Join our Facebook group to take part in our discussions and polls.
Follow us on Instagram, tag your photos @teammagnoliamultigun and #teammagnoliamultigun
Scores posted to Practiscore and MSGO.

Stage 1 - Tunnel of Love
10 Paper
14 Steel

Stage Make Ready
  • Pistol loaded and holstered (or on table)
  • Rifle loaded and on safe, at port arms or on table, or in barrel
  • Toes on either X’s
Stage Procedure
  • Standing on either of the X’s with your gun of choice, engage the targets:
    • Paper targets are for rifle
    • Steel targets are for pistol
  • If you start with rifle, you will engage all paper, dump rifle in barrel, and clear steel with pistol
  • If you start with pistol, you will engage all steel, dump it on the table, retrieve rifle from barrel and engage paper
There is no hot-holstering
once a gun is used, shooter either dumps it or ends with it

Stage 2 - Heartbreaker
~16 Paper

Stage Make Ready
  • Toes on X’s
  • If starting with pistol, pistol holstered, hands at surrender, rifle in barrel on safe
  • If starting with rifle, hold it at port arms, pistol in holster or in bucket on safe
Stage Procedure
  • Standing on X’s with your weapon of choice at its position as designated above, choose and engage one half of the heart
  • Dump that weapon:
    • Pistol is dumped into bucket safely
    • Rifle is dumped into barrel safely
  • Engage the other half of the heart with the other weapon
You Will be Disqualified, even if it breaks your heart

Stage 3 - 3GN 13-17 “Hear it Ring”
(just don’t buy her one)
3 Paper
5 Pepper Poppers
5 Mini Poppers

Stage Make Ready
  • Standing in either Box
  • Pistol loaded and holstered
Stage Procedure
  • Engage Array A (left array of poppers) from Box A ONLY
  • Engage Array B (left array of poppers) from Box B ONLY
  • Engage paper targets BETWEEN Box A and Box B ONLY
  • Perform a MANDATORY reload BETWEEN the FIRST shot and the LAST shot
    • Reload must come from the belt
Stage 4 - Cupid’s Arrow
8 Paper
9 Steel

Stage Make Ready
  • Pistol loaded and holstered or on table
  • Rifle loaded and on safe, at port arms
  • Toes on X’s
Stage Procedure
  • Engage targets as they become visible
  • Paper targets are engaged with rifle
  • Rifle is dumped when you get to the barrel
  • Steel targets are engaged with pistol

Clayton Welch
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Nothing like a Valentine themed match
Yeah I dropped the ball on a Christmas themed one. But you had the match on Christmas Eve anyway.

Trying to stick with the even distribution of easy/hard stages too. It worked out well last weekend. Sure is a lot better than all stages being difficult...

Clayton Welch
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On stage 2, what are those red squares? Are they shoot boxes so we can engage the targets outside the walls?
Yeah they are the best representation that Sketchup has to offer on a smaller, raised shooting box.

Last time we did something similar to this, a shooting box was entirely too big, and when a more experienced shooter was moving quickly, it was hard to assess foot faults because you really couldn't discern the half a second their foot was in the box.

This match will use a little raised block, maybe a 2x12 or two 2x8s or 2x10s, with some sort of traction-giving substance on them.

This way, it will be small to make the shooter get into the position I want y'all to get in, but also should be able to let the RO if the shooter is in (on top of) the shooting area or not.

Clayton Welch
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Has everybody invited their Valentine to come shoot the match with them?

Don't forget that we will be having the drawing for the receiver set and the lower too!

Y'all need to come so you can rack up points for the Shooter of the Year program. You're gonna want those prizes!

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Sure is - but special what we haven't figured out. Sounds like you guys have a bromance blooming. Hope Brooke doesn't mind
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