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Photos from our annual Thanksgiving weekend shoot.

Official holiday greeter to mark the shoot site turn in.

Colt DOE 9mm upper

MP-5 in .40S&W


The 1919 got a hard workout yesterday.

Bowling ball mortar

There were so many girls in attendance you'd have thought we were having a shoe sale. :blink1:
Seriously, it's great to see them out with the guys having a good time and shooting so well!

1919 chambered in 7.62X54r.

MAX-11 with Bowers CAC-9 suppressor.

Beretta PM-12. Easily as sexy as ANY Italian sports car!

Godfather discussing the merits and beauty of the Beretta with VegasSMG.

Seth tryig out a couple of handguns.

And subguns...

Al and Gabe. It was great to see the family enjoying quality time together.

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