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Video From The Match Saturday!!

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I was going to get everybody but the batteries died.
So heres Cliff.. Jinnie.. and me shooting the first 5 to Go stage!

The names have been changed to protect the guilty!!
[flash=425,350]http://www.youtube.com/v/9Ca28YLHTxw" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true[/flash]
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My point on collecting brass was not that someone was hogging brass...but that I would have considered it poor ethics...very distracting trying to shoot while someone is running the wire doo dad picking up brass...I would not have done that while anyone was shooting...we had to wait over 45 min on the group ahead of us...so what was the rush?
Neck just to let you know what we were doing. We stayed behind the firing line the shooter never even knew we were doing it. Plus all the brass went into the same bucket to sort after the match.
It.Was.No.Big.Deal. :HJ:

:suspect: :suspect: :suspect: :suspect: :suspect:
whatever....That's why is Outlaw I guess

I still say it was inconsiderate

Leland, does this mean you'll be coming to more matches?
Lane, no one in our squad had a problem with it. So, what's the big deal? I think folks talking too loud when shooter is about to take the beep is much worse than that.
Yep I agree totally...I don't do that either....Even in a friendly BS match...like last Sat...we are there to shoot the best we can and some of us need to concentrate...I hear all that crap going on behind me and it is very distracting

I aint saying no more
Lane...you weren't even in our squad.:wallbash:

If you see YOUR squad doing it...ask them to STOP while YOU shoot. :pullhair:

:OT1: :thanx:
Cliff Cargill said:

Leland, does this mean you'll be coming to more matches?
I probably will. Father in law was kinda fussing cuz I put more rounds through the buckmark in 1 day than he had in 4 years.
So I've gotta get me a buckmark in the next month or 2.

But if I can get a ride ill be there next month to film anyway.

Just don't ask me to pick up brass!
LOL! JK neck!
Leland1 said:
Shooter said:
There is something absolutely WRONG with wearing a t-shirt in the snow. I had to put a jacket on just to watch the video.
Wasn't cold while I was shooting. Plus it makes me look almost as tough as I really am!

Perfect answer! Now i know i'm gonna shoot next month and I'm shooting rimfire.
I like how everybody is so willing to let people use their stuff and give each other advice and just help each other out in general ,even complete strangers . I notice this at every match I have been to , you don't see stuff like that anywhere else . :OT2;: :OT1:
Yeah. That's very true.

I would never shoot a single match if it weren't for cliffs willingness to loan me some mags.

Hats off to those willing to go above and beyond.
Any of you that want to shoot your semis in ICORE this Sunday are welcome to.

If you've never shot an an ICORE match, it's free. No more than 125 rounds. PM me for loaner gear...revolver, or semi.

Set up is 7AM...match at 9AM... come play!
I'll come check ya'll out after the RO class and see what all this ICORE business is about .
mhead said:
I'll come check ya'll out after the RO class and see what all this ICORE business is about .
Cliff we got one looking at the bait when he bites it set the hook. :smile:
21 - 39 of 39 Posts
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