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A hot morning for Vintage Pistol (Bullseye) at Southwest Gun Club but we met anyway and had a good shoot. 6 participants and much fun was had by all. Mr. Doug was feeling under the weather so I got to give my new RSO credentials their first workout as I was designated RSO for and ran the match, with some help from the guys.

Scores below.

JW 813 w/ 12X
JR 808 w/ 16X
Chris Boyd 804 w/ 17X
BW 777 w/ 18X
JC 713 w/ 8X
JW 684 w/ 2X
Initials used to protect the innocent.

8F38A5DD-D868-4C6C-A9DB-4F96BC848BF1.jpeg 028D4A99-0FA7-42B9-8AD4-4861EAA327F8.jpeg 2990E092-CA75-4CBB-B37D-020363DA2636.jpeg
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