Visit to Capitol Gun Club on Saturday, April the 21st... with pics... yes!!!

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  1. Cliff731

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    This past Saturday, I met up with Southern Reloading (Randy) at Capitol Gun Club outside and near Jackson to "pick up" something he had for me. Our very good and illustrious man was there to participate in a skeet shooting event... and also was providing much needed reloading supplies and components to various attendees and club members as present that day.

    Here's a few cellphone photos I snapped while visiting at Capitol Gun Club... and a very impressive and expansive facility it is indeed!

    First thing you notice when arriving at this shooting club... this place has a long history and has certainly been around a while...


    Lots of skeet shooters there that day... the staccato gun fire reports from the competitors' shotguns was virtually non-stop... interspersed with frequent calls of "pull"... "pull"...


    Here's some views of the many stations available to shoot from... which also shows some of the structures offered to provide relaxation between matches with much appreciated shade...




    There was, of course, a rather large "crowd" gathered there that day... two views of the various vehicles in the parking area showing in both directions... and the last photo is a view looking back to the front gate and sign showing in the first photo...



    I was informed by Randy (Southern Reloading) that a two or three of the other participants that day were also MSGO members. Regrettably, I wasn't able to hang around long enough to meet them. I would have enjoyed visiting and talking with you!
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  2. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    A couple of other photos added for "good effect"... and I must learn to keep my fat fingers out of the photo frame!!! o_O :)


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  3. SubGunFan

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    Thanks for the pictures and report. They do have a nice place there.

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  4. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    SubGunFan... you are welcome and thanks for the kind words!!! Yes, Capitol Gun Club offers an impressive facility for skeet and trap shooters!!!
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  5. Southern Reloading

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    Good to finally meet you Mr. Cliff!!
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  6. jakeg823

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    Always wanted to try that place out, just never have taken the time.
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  7. para40

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    Lamar Co.
  8. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    Thanks, Randy... I appreciate those good words and it was truly good to finally meet you too! I was looking forward to this and certainly enjoyed our conversation and time spent together! :)

    By the way, today my rural mail carrier left something in the mailbox as sent by you!
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  9. Cliff731

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    Para40... just my fat finger tips... that's all ya'll gonna get!!! ;)
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  10. Cliff731

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    Jake... this is one very nice place to shoot skeet and trap at!!! :101010:

    It's located very close to the intersection of Hwy. 49N and West County Line Road, by the way. The Natchez Trace crosses Hwy. 49 fairly close to Capitol Gun Club too. For those venturing out there for the first time, it's at the end of the road with the same name... ;)
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  11. SubGunFan

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    The best local place for Trap and Skeet. They also have a 5-Stand range. The sign says "Sporting Clays", but not sure if they still have that range. Many years ago they had a "basic" Sporting Clays setup which was fun.

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  12. Chris Boyd

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    SW MS
    One of these days i'll have an O/U nice enough to take to their ranges. Don't wanna show up to shoot trap or skeet with my plastic stocked mossy 500.. lol
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  13. jakeg823

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    I’ll make it up there one day. Always forget it’s there. I’ve only shot skeet a few times but it was the most fun I’ve ever had shooting. It’s easy to see why some confused people think that’s all there is to gun ownership.

    I couldn’t tell you the difference between the different styles or anything.
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  14. Cliff731

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    If you can consistently bust those clay birds with that plastic stocked Mossy 500... then it don't matter what you are shooting!!! :)

    Disclosure here: Some skeet clubs and ranges lay claim to any "empty hulls" that hit the ground. Don't know about Capitol Gun Club... but that's another factor to consider in shotgun choice... if you're doing lots of shooting and plan to reload, that is!
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  15. 45flattop

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    Around 20 years ago, some friends of mine and I went to
    Capitol to shoot a round or two of skeet but from these
    photos the place has really changed, trees have sure
    gotten bigger.

    While we were there, since there were only 3 of us some
    one we didn't know asked if he could join us to make a
    foursome so of course we said yes......big mistake!!
    This miserable cretin constantly groused about how slow
    or irregular I was for triggering a clay when anyone of
    us yelled pull and then he up and simply yanked the
    trigger box out of my hand, at which point I got red
    headed mad and simply went back to the clubhouse
    and put my gun up in the outside rack, shortly so did
    my two friends leaving that guy with no one to pull
    for him which he royally deserved; I think that he tried
    for a while to drag the controls along on the ground and
    try to hit the pull button with his foot but wasn't that
    successful. Due to that event, I haven't been at Capitol in
    almost 20 years since I found out that he was a long term
    member and I would likely encounter his bad manners
    again if I returned and not wanting to ever see his ugly
    mug again, that was that.

    Recently another good friend from high school got elected
    to Capitol's board and later elected president and he tells
    me that the bad mannered guy I remember is no longer
    a member or visitor so I no longer have a reason to avoid the club; which is probably a moot point since I never
    could hit the side of a large barn with a shotgun anyway.
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  16. Doc

    Doc Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Thanks for posting pictures of Capitol. Let me invite any of you who may be interested in shooting clay targets to come out - the club is open access to members but is open to members and visitors on Thursday and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Come on out and join the fun. I am out there at odd times during the week and if some of you would like to join me shooting trap let me know.
    Also if interested in seeing it done, or taking part, Capitol will be hosting the Catfish Trap Shoot on Saturday and Sunday May 12 and 13. We will be shooting 200 single targets (16 yard) and 100 handicap targets on Saturday followed by 200 doubles targets and 100 handicap targets on Sunday - 600 targets for the weekend. If you have not witnessed a squad shoot a round of doubles you have missed seeing a lot of targets shot relatively quickly.......
    Come on out and give it a try - breaking clay targets can be addictive .......
  17. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    Doc... you are very welcome and I sure enjoyed my visit at Capitol Gun Club. Evidence of much hard work, effort, and determination to have and maintain a first class skeet and trap facility abounds in every direction there! I hope to return for another visit soon... :)
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  18. SubGunFan

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    I went out to Capital this afternoon around 4:00 to see if I could pick up any 20ga hulls. There were 3 groups there enjoying a beautiful afternoon. I found a few on one range and scored big in one trashcan. I stopped by the 5-Stand range on the way out to see what was in the "big yellow tubs". Guess no one shoots 20ga in 5-Stand...... :(

  19. Southern Reloading

    Southern Reloading Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Not to much sub! They all shoot brain beaters!!