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Vortex 40% and up discounts 100 plus brands Military, veteran, law officer

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Did you know that Vortex Optics offers a 40% discount for Military/Veteran/LE? I'm retired military so applied on the Vortex website at Military & Law Enforcement.

I happen to be looking for a 6-24 scope for .22 silhouette so just to give an example:

For the Vortex Crossfire II 6-24x50 scope, MSRP is $339. Natchez Shooters had it for $299.99. Optics Planet had it for $299. Gov-X had it for $254.99. From the Vortex discount page (Expert Voice) the price is $221.

Bushnell also happens to be one of the brands on the Expert Voice site so I checked out the Bushnell Trophy Extreme 6-24x50. Midway has it for $274, Optics Planet for $256, Amazon for $199.95, and Expert Voice for $152.71.

Just go to the Vortex website link above and apply for Expert Voice. There are about 60-70 brands listed, with similar discounts.
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Expert Voice is pretty legit. Sometimes there can be a slight disconnect between EV and the manufacturer, but I’ve had nothing but great experiences using the retail discount.
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