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wallet holster for kel-tec pistols

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These holsters work really great for kel-tec pistol owners...I had one for a P3AT 380 before the gun got ripped off.

Gonna get another soon for the PF9...won't hide in just an ordinary pair of jeans however...needs a cargo pocket

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Rbelote said:
You have to be careful not a days if it looks jusr like a wallet it falls under NFA rules and you have to get a tax stamp for it.
I was worrying about the same thing when I found these holsters, but they are legal and you don't need a stamp.
The Holdster and the ATF

The Holdster came to be out of simple frustration.
I wanted a holster for my new (at the time) Kel-Tec
P-32 and there were none to be found! I found
several that would "work in a pinch" but none that
were made for or fitted to the gun.
So off to my shop I went and out came the
Holdster. However, the very first FFL dealer I
showed it to told me the story of the "forbidden"
wallet holster and warned that I may be outside the
law with my new design.
The next step was to contact the local ATF office.
They were very helpful in getting me pointed in the
right direction and told me to send the design to
the Firearms Technology Branch of the BATF in
Washington for classification.
The FTB-BATF classified the Holdster design as
non-any other weapon (or not a wallet holster)
primarily because it is "readily discernible as a
weapon" due to the exposed slide. As long as it
isn't modified to conceal the weapon over the slide
it is legal to own and use in conjunction with a
semi-automatic pistol without falling in the AOW
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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